Elder Infestation

How to best deal with a Ground Elder infestation

This is one of the common problem dealt by gardeners, or the people having garden in their homes. Ground elder is a type of plant just like a Cauliflower, its roots start to develop in spring and are initially just small leaf like green plants. Then, in autumn it takes the shape of green pointed shoots and slowly it starts to turn black. It is somehow an automated plant and people usually find ways to get rid of it. Last year, many searches in Google zeitgeist were recorded about this issue. That’s the reason many articles are jotted to give the solution of it. While dealing with Ground Elder infestation, we have to keep in mind that we don’t have lots of options. Our options are limited. Its Off White roots are very long dug down into the ground, so digging or hoeing is not the best option for its removal. If you cut it from anywhere, its roots are deep down and it will eventually regrow. If you disturb this root, it will be a problem for you. The best option we have is to use an herbicide, especially glyphosate based herbicide. Many of you have already tried this […]