As the use of the internet and social media continues to increase, building brand awareness on the internet is becoming paramount. These days it seems that businesses are not being recognized by customers if they have a weak online presence.But, with all the buzz taking place online, it is becoming increasingly challenging to grow your brand and make your business stand out through the support of branding agencies.

It is an uphill battle all brands must face and ultimately become masters at online marketing. This is the only way your brand will grow and survive.If you are currently looking to grow your brand online and leave an imprint of your product/service in people’s memory, then you are in the right place.We are going to highlight a few very effective ways of increasing your brand awareness through the internet.

Search Engine visibility
In the online world of marketing, it is very important to place your brand at the forefront of search engines. Though this is easier said than done, you have two major ways of going about this. These are Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and organically.

Studies have shown that to motivate people to click on your website and to take a look at our brand, they need to see your brand as authoritative in your niche. What this essentially means is that if your brand shows up within the top 5 search results on a popular search engine, then you are more likely to receive clicks, make sales and create a loyal customer following.

Ways of improving your brand’s search engine rank
PPC advertising — This is essentially where you pay a search engine such as Google to feature your website as an ad at the top of the search results in your niche. You only pay every time someone clicks on your ad. Ads can also be placed elsewhere, such as mobile apps and on certain niche related websites.

Link building — This is essentially where you have to work on getting your brand featured on certain authoritative websites in your niche in such a way that it sends users if that site to yours. Back linking does not only supply you with customers and helps you to build relationships with others in your niche but it also tells Google’s algorithm that your brand is creating traffic and experts believe this allows you to rank higher in search engines, more specifically Google.

Social Media – Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram all currently big players in the online marketing scheme. These platforms boast of millions of active users on a daily basis.We have no doubt that your target audience is probably scrolling through their Instagram feed right now. Like search engines, Facebook and Instagram also provide the option for organic growth as well as paid reach.

However, because we are in 2018 and some of these social media platforms have been around for a few years, we believe that creating an organic following to grow your brand can prove to be very challenging and time-consuming.Hence, it may better, faster and more effective to place well-targeted ads to ensure you reach your potential customers.Some brands and branding agencies have also embarked upon influence marketing as another mean of increasing their brand awareness through the internet.

However, the choice to decide what route to take is ultimately yours. Each of the options available to you on the internet all has pluses and minuses. The key may be to test the waters and figure out what works for you.