Los Angeles airport to pioneer solar power solutions

The Van Nuys Airport, operating under the Los Angeles World Airport (LAWA) made waves by unveiling not one, but six solar power solutions it plans to implement in the coming years, making the Los Angeles airport a pioneer in sustainable solutions. One tenant of the airport group caught everyone’s attention in unveiling the start of the installation of a solar canopy and rooftop, guiding six other airport business tenants to announce their goals to implement similar solar solutions, paving the way for the Van Nuys to stand at the forefront of the industry on the road (or runway) to renewable energy being integrated into every facet of society, be it business or pleasure, home or travel. Of the additional tenants who took the moment to step up and state their intentions was Valley Sod Farm, poised to have the largest ground-mount solar system in the LA Basin territory of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. The Airport is a recent development in a long and fast-growing movement for businesses and communities to become more energy friendly and self-sustaining. From transportation to occupation, here are just some of the recent developments in clean energy and sustainable energy source wins […]

Solar batteries as an alternative home energy source

Nature gives unlimited sources of energy to the mankind. There are many renewable sources available that provide different kinds of energy to the humans. The technology is becoming so advanced that there are many devices that can be used to store this renewable energy & use it later at anytime, anywhere. These devices are used to store the energy in different forms & they can store this energy for a long time that can be used in different purposes such as wind energy to rotate turbines, solar energy to generate electricity and much more. There are solar batteries – alternative energy available in the market that store the solar energy for future use. They store the energy in digital current & provide this energy in various forms via different devices. The solar energy can be stored via solar plates, they save the energy coming from the Sun in the form of rays & transfer the energy to the charging devices, and then these devices save the energy in the batteries. To store the renewable energies the deep-cycle batteries are used. The battery deep-cycle batteries are available in the market from different manufacturers such as battery group, etc. There are many features in […]