Once in a while you have ordered something, say a microwave or even a phone, and naturally, you will expect it to be delivered at your doorstep. So, you picked your phone and ask the delivering company when they will deliver your order and the response you get will shock you. They will most certainly tell you the day they will deliver but guess what it will be a weekday in most cases. Asking them further about the time and you will not the weirdest answer, they are not sure what time.
Good news is that most delivering companies nowadays are embracing new technology in communicating. New communication systems are fitted to the couriers that give precise and accurate information to the customers. With real-time SMS and emails, customers are updated of their parcels in real time. This enables them to better plan their day instead of waiting unknowingly for the parcel they have little information about their delivery. In fact, with geo-location capabilities, you can track to the exact location of your parcel.

Another notable innovation in the courier industry is the introduction of refrigerated couriers. This model was first recommended by World Health Organization to transport pharmaceuticals around the world. It has since been embraced to carry all other sensitive goods that require controlled temperatures. Whether you want food delivered from another state to you, it will be delivered as fresh as it was with refrigerated couriers So, where is this amazing technology being utilized:

1. It is used in vehicles

The type of vehicles utilizing refrigeration is vans, trucks, and semi-trailers. They have cargos that are thermostatically controlled to a certain temperature range depending on the products they are transporting. The refrigeration in this vehicle is powered using the engines or an external power from diesel generators depending on the type of vehicle. Small vans and small trucks are powered by their engines while large trucks are powered by external generators. These vehicles are operated in certain designated routes and roads that will not damage the refrigeration system. The refrigerated system in cars has been so much effective in delivering short distance sensitive goods.

2. Vehicles with temperature-controlled capabilities

You may argue that these vehicles are the same as refrigerated vehicles but they are not. While in refrigerated vehicles temperature is controlled by refrigerators install inside the vehicle, in the temperature controlled vehicle the source of temperature control is the vehicle itself. The vehicle has the ability to increase or lower the temperature depending on the product they are transporting. Ideally, temperature controlled vehicles protect the products from extreme temperatures. Care must be taken not to subject goods to the freezing point as this will freeze the content.

3. Air transport utilizes active shipping system

Typically, air transport uses containers that are temperature-controlled to transport their sensitive goods. This container is what is referred to as active shipping system. These systems come in two forms, cooling system only and system that has both heating and cooling. The cooling method in active shipping system is provided by ice in the cooling system only or phase change in cooling and heating system. Also, compressor cooling system is used.
It is pretty clear that courier has come a long way in improving their delivery system over time. And it is not over yet, in fact, many more good things are yet to come. For instance, Amazon is testing how to deliver goods to customers without using a staff.