The most innovative courier solutions in the UK

Once in a while you have ordered something, say a microwave or even a phone, and naturally, you will expect it to be delivered at your doorstep. So, you picked your phone and ask the delivering company when they will deliver your order and the response you get will shock you. They will most certainly tell you the day they will deliver but guess what it will be a weekday in most cases. Asking them further about the time and you will not the weirdest answer, they are not sure what time. Good news is that most delivering companies nowadays are embracing new technology in communicating. New communication systems are fitted to the couriers that give precise and accurate information to the customers. With real-time SMS and emails, customers are updated of their parcels in real time. This enables them to better plan their day instead of waiting unknowingly for the parcel they have little information about their delivery. In fact, with geo-location capabilities, you can track to the exact location of your parcel. Another notable innovation in the courier industry is the introduction of refrigerated couriers. This model was first recommended by World Health Organization to transport pharmaceuticals around […]